Track & Field Athletics with regular events/competitions. Summer & winter seasons available to all athletics.
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Veterans division participates in all 4 angling disciplines, beach, rock, boat, estuary, and dry casting at club, state and national levels – veterans division, men & women 55+. All clubs conduct their own events.
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Training carried out in the clubs on a weekly basis, is open to all ages. Many clubs have specialised training for people 45+.
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Mature age riders participate at the same events, in separate age class.
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Peak paddling body for all paddle sports in WA
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All players can compete on practically even terms irrespective of age. Regular games are available through joining a junior or senior club. Weekend tournaments also available.

With involvement as competitor or official, enthusiasts of all ages can enjoy the many disciplines motor sport has to offer.
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Dancesport competitors can participate in Masters 1 (both partners 35+) or Masters 2 (both partners 50+).
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Mature age members play all regular competitions. Legends program caters for members 45+.
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Mature age sport is available as a recreational activity within the clubs of the association.
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