Add Life to Your Years Online Directory


This information is available from the Council in a printed hard-copy free of charge, please email us or call the office on 08 9492 9771 if you would like a copy sent to you.  An electronic version of the printed Add Life directory suitable as an offline copy for Computers and or tablets/iPads can be downloaded via this link CLICK HERE FOR A PDF VERSION .


  1. Click on the green category text below for the desired information. eg. Click on ANGLING under the METROPOLITAN category will return listings in the METROPOLITAN ANGLING category.
  2. Alternatively you can search this directory by typing your interest in the white text box next to the grey “Search Listings” button eg. Click on the white search listings text box, type bird into the text box then click on the grey “Search Listings”  button this will return all entries for activities with the word bird contained in any part of a listing.
  3. To conduct a new search of the entire database click on the grey “Directory” button below this text.