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Seniors Exergaming WA

Seniors Exergaming WA was initially a two year pilot project funded by the Department of Sport Recreation run by Seniors Recreation Council of WA Inc starting in 2012.  Subsequent to the pilot project the Seniors Exergaming WA Program (SEWA) attracted additional funding by Department of Sport Recreation to expand the program throughout metropolitan and regional WA. 

SEWA is a mix of low impact exercising and games using modern technology. There are games to suit everyone, which include, but are not limited to Ten Pin Bowling, Golf, Darts, Table Tennis, Tennis and for the more active Skiing, Soccer, Basketball and Boxing.

Since completion of the expansion project in June 2017 the council continues to deliver this unique program due to the high demand and health benefits experienced by seniors.  In some cases people who have experienced a stroke have found the use of the Xbox Kinect system to be beneficial physically and socially. Click here to read “Karen’s Story”

SEWA has taught many seniors ranging in age from 60 to 96 how to enjoy this program and they continue to exercise, laugh, socialise, learn and have fun all year round. No matter their age most people have been able to participate and use the technology.

A free resource manual, initially developed in the expansion phase of the program, enables senior’s service providers and groups to deliver the SEWA program as a low impact healthy fun activity for their members.

SEWA participation continues to expand at a rapid rate with more centres and individuals coming on board as Exergaming and the program benefits are experienced.

Research, the facts!

Mental activities which challenge the brain and the benefits of learning new things throughout life.

The brain is like a muscle, if you don’t use it and learn new things it gets sluggish, increasing the risk of developing Dementia.

Physical exercise for overall body health, mental wellbeing and balance.

Exercise helps stave off vascular disease and can help prevent diabetes and has an effect on the brain by increasing hippocampus, the brain’s memory centre. It also helps combat depression, if a person is feelingisolated and lonely, it may affect their immune system impacting on the overall health of the individual. Another benefit of Exergaming is improved balance which can only help to lessen the possibility of injury due to a fall.

Social activity with friends and meeting new people.

Doing activities with other people strengthens your social networks, the benefit to your health it seems, are greater than when exercising alone.

Recent research on the Demography of Ageing found people who have good friends have a lower risk of developing disease. Similarly, if you participate with others while doing physical activity,

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Nancy joined the Seniors Exergaming WA Team in 2012 as a volunteer with the program. Nancy encouraged many seniors to
The Dust has just settled on an excellent and exciting event where 70 seniors (participants) were invited to #try1thing at
Dawn Yates SRCWA Executive Officer and Leanne Novatscou Seniors Exergaming WA receive the Sport and Recreation Industry Awards 2014 "Technology