Seniors Recreation Council of WA Inc.

Crown Life Patrons Get Tech Savvy

Martin Yates Tech Savvy Seniors Manager presents to Crown Life members.

Seniors Recreation Council of WA Tech Savvy Seniors Project Manager Martin Yates presented a Tech Talk to 50 seniors at Crown Perth on Tuesday 19th February 2019.  The Tech Talk, delivered as part of the Crown Life program, encourages their patrons to participate in healthy active and engaging activities. Activities include Tai Chi Lessons, Cooking Demonstrations, Gardening Tips, Ballroom and Line Dancing, Wine Tasting and Cheese Tasting.

“Think Before You Click” and “Check the Address for https:”

The main topic of the tech talk was email and security with a few questions from those in attendance.  The main message being “Think Before You Click!” We have all done it before clicked on a link in an email without checking where the link may lead you.  Simply placing your cursor over a link in an email can display the link for you to check, a feature on computers many are not aware of.  Clicking on links in phishing
emails (scam) may lead you to fake websites. These sites are made to look like a financial institution where you will be instructed to enter your credit card details. There may even be a phone number to ring for help displayed on the fake site.

Do not follow these instructions, always refer to an original source of truth such as your statement and contact your financial institution to verify any requests. Check the website address for https:, any financial transaction online the institutions website should start with https: (S is for Secure) if you are unsure seek advice.

Another issue raised was telephone scams, a call to your number with the person making a request or demand. As with email scams always refer to an original source of truth such as your statement and contact your financial institution or the department they claim to represent.  The general rule is “Maintain a Healthy Level of Scepticism”, never cave in to demands, and never call back on the number the caller gives you to verify their authenticity.

Should people believe they have fallen fowl of a Scam encourage them call WA ScamNet on 1300 30 40 54, or visit the website

Visit Crown Life online to find out more about there exciting program at