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Defibrillator Grant for Not for Profits

People holding a defibillator

Applications are currently open until 28 Feb 2019 for the St John Heart Grant thanks to Lotterywest. If you’re a not for profit sporting or community group, apply now!

Cardiac arrest is a major cause of death with St John WA responding to 2,505 such cases in 2017. Unfortunately less than one in 10 of these casualties arrived in the emergency department with a pulse.  But when a defibrillator isused with good CPR, this figure increases to six in 10.

The St John Heart Grant will add more than 1,000 defibrillators across WA, with theses all being publically accessible so the general public can also access them in a cardiac arrest situation.

In addition to the defibrillator unit, this grant includes a lock box and the necessary CPR training for your organisation. The value of this offering is well in excess of $2,000 and successful applicants only need to make a contribution of just $200.

To apply now for find out more visit