Seniors Recreation Council of WA Inc.

Peel Branch Special General Meeting and Telstra Get Online Event

Peel Branch held their Special General Meeting Friday 21st October at the Leslie St Seniors venue.

Guest Speakers were Eva Colic & Michal Heydon from Telstra who spoke about all things digital. This year Telstra is a principal sponsor for the Get Online Week events around Australia.   93 people attended the meeting and listened intently to the Telstra representatives and all stayed on to enjoy a wonderful catered luncheon sponsored by Telstra. 

Peel Branch President Jan McGlinn OAM introduced and thanked all members of her committee and the Peer Leaders of the Strong on Your Feet program,  and other program instructors.

Graham Bennett Vice President of the SRCWA State Board spoke on behalf of CEO Dawn Yates and thanked all Peel Branch personnel for their commitment to the Branch.