Seniors Recreation Council of WA Inc.

Scams a growing concern and there seems to be a new one every week.

Martin Yates talks about locking our devices the same way we lock doors at home.

On Tuesday 13th August 2019, eighty-four seniors gathered at McLarty Hall – McLarty Rd, Shoalwater for a free SCAMS information session as part of SCAMS Awareness Week. 
The free information sessions held by Seniors Recreation Council of WA Inc in partnership with Consumer Protection provided a forum for seniors to learn latest trends, ask questions about the prevalence of scams and how they can take steps to protect themselves. Presenters on the day were Martin Yates SRCWA Tech Savvy Seniors Project Manager and Merinda Willis from Community Education Team Consumer Protection Division.
There were the usual questions about nuisance phone calls, people knocking on doors and banking / credit card security. The recommended course of action with unsolicited calls is to hang up on the caller, should there be some threat or course of action required please refer to a legitimate source of truth eg. If someone calls from the tax office take their name, then look the number up independently from the number they give you and ask to be put through to them. There are strict laws around door to door selling which can lead to prosecution if the sales person doesn’t leave the property when asked to do so. Internet banking and financial transactions can be safe as long as you follow rules and remember to look for HTTPS and the padlock in the website address.
The main message from these sessions is maintain a healthy level of scepticism and keep at the forefront of your thoughts “if it’s too good to be true then it definitely is”. Think before you click is another top hint, read the message or the link before you click on any links in web pages, emails or pop ups.
After the presentation a there was a magnificent afternoon tea provided by the SRCWA Rockingham Branch. Thank you to SRCWA Rockingham Branch President Valma, branch secretary Carole Overington and the team of volunteers who worked so hard to make this event possible. 
Should you believe you or someone you know have been implicated in a scam STOP.. call Consumer Protection WA on 1300 304 054 for advice. 
If you would like a free SCAMS Awareness session at your club or group please contact Martin Yates on 9492 9774.