Seniors Recreation Council of WA Inc.

SRCWA Annual General Meeting 2020

Phil Dawn Danni and Graham at the SRCWA AGM

Phil Paddon State President welcomed the Branch Presidents, Board members, Accredited Volunteers and visitors to the Annual General Meeting for 2020 and commented it was wonderful to see so many people at the meeting and to attend the Appreciation Luncheon in Honour of Hugh Rogers our retired State President.
He thanked the Board of Management for their confidence in appointing him to the position of State President for the remainder of Hugh’s term of office to September 2021.
Phil gave a brief address on the history of SRCWA reminding everyone that SRCWA was formed in 1991 and incorporated in 1992 with Hugh being part of the organisation since then. He thanked Dawn Yates, Executive Officer, Martin Yates Project Manager, he introduced Danni McMahon the new Admin Assistant, Mary Kelly & Kay Klass for their support in the State office. He also thanked the office staff for all their hard work especially during the lockdown period of due to Covid-19 where the SRCWA office had to move out of the DLGSC building and relocate to Dawn & Martin’s, Danni’s & Hugh’s homes. The move was achieved with as little disruption as possible, due to Martin’s IT specialist knowledge, he had the SRCWA office set up at the different homes within 3 days, after which everyone was up and conducting business in the best possible way moving forward during the restrictions. Further information regarding the disruptions due to Covid-19 are contained in the different reports in the Annual Report for 2019/20. Phil congratulated the Mark McGowan and the WA Government for leading WA through the lockdown phase of the pandemic into the recovery phases. He also thanked the Board of Management for their hard work and support over the past 12 months and thanked all the Branch Presidents and Accredited volunteers for their dedication to the organisation and for their time and effort in supporting all the Branch initiatives and State events especially through this particularly difficult year.
Phil then thanked Hugh Rogers, retired State President, for his dedicated service to SRCWA since 1992 in the roles of Accredited Volunteer, Treasurer and State President, the role of State President he held for 19 years. In that time through Hugh’s leadership SRCWA grew to attain the well respected position it now holds in the senior community.
A minute silence was held in memory of Leigh Davis who passed away in October 2020, Leigh Davis held the roles of Vice President, Board Member, SMAC Representative and Mentor.
Phil then invited everyone to put their hands together to congratulate Jan McGlinn Peel Branch President on receiving the Order of Australia Medal in June 2020 for her service to seniors in the Peel Region, congratulations Jan McGlinn OAM.
Dawn Yates, SRCWA Executive Officer spoke about the range of programs and services developed over the years including the wide variety of programs conducted at Branch Level, we are very fortunate to have the dedicated Branch Presidents and committees who continue to work on behalf of SRCWA for the benefit of WA Seniors.
Covid-19 definitely had a dramatic effect on SRCWA’s State Office and Branch operations during the lockdown between March to end of June 2020. All though these were sometimes difficult and challenging times we all rose to the challenge and as soon as WA entered the recovery period every thing was full steam ahead.
Dawn also spoke about the funding that SRCWA is very fortunate to receive and also how this organisation is held in such high regard in the Senior Community.
Dawn thanked the office staff and all accredited volunteers for their continued dedication and support as we worked through 19/20 year including the difficult time of Covid-19.
Dawn Yates reported that there were 2 vacant positions to fill the roles till September 2022, Vice President & Accredited Volunteer Representative which were filled as follows.
Accredited Volunteer Representative, Eileen Stark was elected unopposed.
Also Colin Steer has been appointed Accredited Volunteer Representative alternate.
1 nomination was received for Vice President, nominated, Phil Paddon, however as Phil Paddon had accepted the role of State President, nominations from the floor were called for. Mavis Owens was nominated and accepted the nomination and was then elected to the position of Vice President.
Congratulations to Mavis Owens, Vice President, Eileen Stark, Accredited Volunteer Representative & Colin Steer, Accredited Volunteer Representative Alternate.

A huge thank you to Hugh who has mentored, advised and supported many through the time he has worked with SRCWA.

Photos from the SRCWA AGM can be found here.

The SRCWA Annual Report 2019/2020 can be viewed here.