Seniors Recreation Council of WA Inc.

WA Seniors Strategy a whole-of-government 10-year strategy needs your input.

Have your say on a better future for West Australian Seniors

Launched in November 2021, consultation for the WA Seniors Strategy is running full steam ahead. The WA Seniors Strategy is a whole-of-government 10-year strategy being developed by the Department of Communities to support older Western Australians of all backgrounds throughout the state to live their best life as they age. Sessions will be facilitated by the Indigenous Professional Services Management Consultants and will run across the State through May and June 2022.

We are looking to hear from:
• Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 55 years and over;
• Non-Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 65 years and over; and
• People approaching their senior years.
Due to the ongoing COVID situation, sessions will be run in a hybrid model meaning they will be available online and in person. If you are unable to attend a session, phone interviews are also available.

The website has further information on the WA Seniors Strategy including an online survey. Hardcopy postcards of the survey can also be sent out upon request. Please head to the website for more details